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iOS(iPhone + iPad)
$799 setup + $14.99 /mo *
$899 for 1 year **
$799 setup + $14.99 /mo *
$899 for 1 year **
iOS + Android
$1199 setup + $24.99 /mo *
$1499 for 1 year **
* No contract, pay as you go
** Setup included
Dinein or Takeaway
Offline Mode
  • All the category of menu are saved in user device
  • No internet require for user to see menu
Online Reservation
  • User can send reservation inquiry from application
  • Admin will get notification for reservation
Get in touch
  • facility for user to call, email or visit website from home screen
  • Locate hotel on the map and get direction
Place order
  • User will be able to place order from application
  • Get notification of order in admin panel
Gps Direction
  • User will be able to see hotel in the map directly
  • Even user can get direction from his current location to you hotel
Seating Arrangement
  • Add image to show seating arrangement
  • Dedicated screen for your to view hotel table structure
Add Food Items
  • You can add Unlimited category of food in admin
  • User will have easy access to each category and food item
  • Option to add services
  • Different option like pdf, image or link to display services
Image Gallery
  • Add photo in admin as you wish
  • User can see photos from the application
Video Integration
  • Dedicated screen to show video about hotel
  • You can set youtube link in video which user can see from application
  • Send notification to user to get their attention
  • Push notification facility
  • Set offers in the admin
  • Dedicated screen for user to view offers
Color Selection
  • You can select different available theme for your application
  • On demand, we can provide custome theme also
Branding your Business
  • Your Icon and logo will be used for application
  • There will be no place in application for our branding
Customer Facilities
Parking Meter
  • User can save his parking location on map
  • Usr can also set reminder for parking
Tip Calculator
  • Facility for user to calculate tips
  • Tip calculator integrated in the application itself
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